3 port main distribution box for low profile raised access flooring

SCS-1050 3-Port Main Distribution Box Cut-Sheet PDF

The DB3-nn Main Distribution Box (MDB) is the heart of the ASM modular cable system. It provides power to the ASM low-profile modular floor box via single and/or double port extender cables.

Whip End Extender CableSCS-1060 Whip End Extender Cable Cut-Sheet PDF 

The function of the WEC-nn Whip End Extender Cable is to carry branch circuit power from any “power out” tap to an ASM low-profile modular floor box.

Double Headed Extender CableSCS-1062 Double Headed Extender Cable Cut-Sheet PDF

The DEC-nn Double Headead Extender Cable is designed with one “power in” port and two “power out” ports making it possible to split the branch circuits power into two different directions.

Extender CableSCS-1064 Extender Cable Cut-Sheet PDF

The SEC-nn Extender Cable is very versatile component – used primarily to carry branch circuit power from MDB to SDB and RAF floor box.

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