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ASM Modular Systems, Inc. is one of the largest access floor companies in North America, specializing in the data center and office market. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kingspan Group, ASM offers distribution and installation capabilities around the globe. Renown for experience, quality and engineering, ASM has become the product of choice for many data center providers and office spaces alike.

We are therefore proud to present our new offering which addresses cable management and accessibility needs for clients with restrictive floor to ceiling heights. Starnet PowerTraXX – as low as 1 ½”, easy to install, fully modular electrical system. The solution is Starnet PowerTraXX.

Low-Profile Flooring


The Starnet low-profile flooring is easy to install, completely adaptable, low-profile wire management system for new construction and renovation to existing office buildings. While providing complete flexibility, prefabricated, and no adhesives or fasteners, our low-profile system allows you to take it with you where ever you go. 

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EmPOWERing your business

PowerTraXX connects the service boxes in the general office layout to the electrical panel via a 3-port distribution box, extender cables, and home-run cables.

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