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Ramps & Accessories – Low-Profile Wire Management System

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Starnet Straight Ramp

Ramps and Accessories

Starnet Low-Profile Ramp System

Its strength and flexibility provides a quiet and solid feel underfoot. The Starnet low-profile flooring is completely adaptable for new construction and existing office buildings.

The Starnet Low-Profile Ramp System is available in both .58″ and 2″ finish floor heights.

Offering a 1:12, 1:20, and 1:40 Slope Ratio.

  • Our ramps meet ADA requirements
  • ASM Starnet ramps and accessories provide smooth and structurally sound transitions
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Starnet Ramp Systems 1½" (40 mm)

Starnet Ramp Systems 2" (50 mm)

Perimeter plate specifically designed for low profile access flooring

Starnet Low-Profile Perimeter Plate

Galvanized steel filler plate to be cut-to-fit at perimeter walls.

Threshold/Fascia designed specifically for low profile access flooring

Starnet Low-Profile Threshold/Fascia

Extruded aluminum threshold/fascia with rubber strip for doorways and open perimeters.

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